I Was Busy, Now I'm Not
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I Was Busy, Now I'm NotMy friend,

TIME is your LIFE. When you waste your time, you waste your life.

Let me ask you ...

  • Does your time seem to be in short supply?
  • Have you had enough of feeling overwhelmed?
  • Are you ready to find time for what matters most?

If so, this book will help you discover how to:

  • Simplify your complicated life
  • Make time for what matters most
  • Live your big dreams

The professional edition of my book I Was Busy, Now I'm Not (IWBNIN) is now available for purchase. While the paperback book won't be available to purchase in bookstores until April 2015, Morgan James Publishing is allowing me to sell the paperback, hardback, and PDF copies of the book myself.

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Rick GrouxIn the 31st Psalm, David states: "my times are in Your hands." With this gem of Dr. Peck's teaching and coaching, you will learn how to get control of your life, free yourself from over commitment, have ample time for yourself and your family, overcome procrastination, unlock the door of your personal destiny, and discover God’s plan for your life. Your first step is to buy the book.

Richard W. Groux, Jr.
Chairman, Christian Stewardship Ministries


Janet DaughtryWith I Was Busy, Now I'm Not, Dr. Joseph Peck has issued a clarion call to value and appreciate our most precious commodity, time. Dr. Peck's teaching and coaching will help will discover valuable insights and practical coaching tools to master your time and leverage your life. This is masterfully done and is a must for anyone desiring to redeem their days and make time matter.

Janet G. Daughtry
Co-Founder of Life Breakthrough Academy & the Biblical Coaching Alliance


Kevin McCarthyDr. Joseph Peck, The Time Doctor, provides eternal wisdom for one of life’s greatest challenges—stewardship of our days. While God can redeem our days, why make it any harder for Him to His job? Embrace the lessons Dr. Peck teaches and you will be in partnership with God.

Kevin W. McCarthy
America’s Chief Leadership Officer
Author, The On-Purpose Person: Making Your Life Make Sense


Virginia MortonI've been blessed to hear Dr. Joseph Peck speak passionately on all the topics in I Was Busy, Now I’m Not. I consider his teaching and coaching a real treasure. He will help you re-sharpen your focus, spend more sacred time with God, hear His voice through daily journaling, define your destiny, and eliminate busyness.

Virginia Morton
Author, Marching Through Culpeper


Vic JohnsonMost people would see a massive and near-immediate impact in their lives if they understood and practiced some simple time management strategies. In I Was Busy, Now I’m Not, Dr. Joseph Peck not only gives us the reason ‘why’ we need to change our thinking about time, but the ‘how’ we do it as well. And this guidance comes from a great student of these timeless principles. Joseph is truly a 'walks his talk' leader and teacher.

Vic Johnson
Founder of AsAManThinketh.net

Blessings to redeem the time!


Joseph Peck, M.D.
The Time Doctor
Empowering Dreams

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