Dr Peck is the real TIME Doctor! The hurried pace of a full schedule kept me off track and off purpose. My daily habits needed to be realigned for greater impact and less effort. After reading I Was Busy Now I’m Not, Dr Peck’s prescription for Sacred Time-Sacred Place has transformed the way I value and leverage my time for greater margin in my day. This book will provide you with practical ways to redeem your time!
   – Denise Stemple, Golden, Colorado

The clock was ticking and the busy day started at times feeling overwhelmed. How could I best utilize my time? That is what my life was like before reading I Was Busy, Now I’m Not. The gift of TIME can be taken for granted or it can be the best Present you will ever open! After reading I Was Busy, Now I’m Not I have realized there is more value in how I spent my time than how I spent my money!
   – Pamela Loucks