More Time, Less Stress, and Greater Impact!

The purpose of this book and coaching program is to dramatically change the way you think about time to help you redeem your time and accomplish far more than you ever thought possible. When you change your thinking, you change your life.

Request to share I Was Busy, Now I’m Not book with cell group in New Zealand

04 Jan

On January 2, 2015, I emailed 366 people enrolled in Gary Beaton’s 12-week Soaring Into Your Destiny program starting January 8. The next day, I received a wonderful thank you email from Elizabeth in New Zealand. In gratitude for her kind and encouraging words and prayer of blessing, I gave a free PDF copy of […]

I Was Busy, Not I’m Not in Spanish and Portuguese

13 Sep

Wow! Today I received an unexpected blessing and creative miracle. Ken Peterson, who lives in Panama, got connected to me in the past year through our mutual friend Scott Shofner. Three days ago, Ken began participating in my latest I Was Busy, Now I’m Not (IWBNIN) coaching program. Today, out-of-the-blue, Ken sent the email below […]

Mind over mattress

09 Sep

Today I am so grateful that words cannot express. Thanks for all the teaching and sharing,for awakening awareness in me, for the encouragement and the opportunities that you have given me. Through all this I have developed new habits, like waking up at 5 (mind over mattress, no compromise, a habit is consistent: daily at […]

Are you all in?

12 Jan

Nothing is more important than knowing how to hear and recognize the voice of God. Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and Moses all had great faith and influence because they could hear God’s voice. Your first step in being ALL IN with God is learning to listen to Him and recognizing His voice.