Move Your Point of View, Your Line of Sight, Your Vantage Point!

01 Dec

In business and life, your experience, your perspective, what you see, what you don’t see – all depends on your point of view. Both your physical point of view, but also your mental and emotional point of view – what are you looking for, what are you expecting, how open to new ideas/thoughts/experiences are you?

“Vantage Point” is a suspenseful action flick directed by Pete Travis, starring Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, and Forest Whitaker. The plot centers around the attempted assassination of the American President, which is told and re-told from different vantage points (i.e. different people, different locations, different mindsets, different agendas, different focus’, etc.).

The movie provides some very interesting revelation on how to look at your business differently, and see insights, and breakthroughs for exponential increases in your profits.

One’s life begins when they are finally able to live for something other than themselves.” (Albert Einstein)

Assess Your Vantage Point
A sure way to a boring – same old thing – photograph is to take a picture from the same point of view that everyone sees as the same scene from day in and day out. For example, imagine you’re walking down your neighborhood sidewalk. If you stop on the sidewalk at any particular point and simply lift your camera up to your eye and snap, the result is something you would see every day. It could be interesting, but the point of view that the photograph was made from definitely works against it. But kneel down and look for a new vantage point, or how about lying on your stomach and looking around – a whole different view.

I often wonder what kids under the age of 9 really experience on a crowded day at an amusement part – say Disneyland. Think about the fact that their line of sight is at or below the belt line of thousands of park goers – all day long. Do you suppose their experience of the sights and sounds differs from your adult altitude?

From what vantage point do you look at your business? Are you the founder, have you been living and breathing this business from the time is was a seed of an idea, have you lived through years of good times, and years of bad times, have you hired and fired endless employees over the years, did you start the business when Internet marketing was unheard of?

When was the last time you took a really fresh perspective, a real long hard look at your business from a different vantage point? Have you ever done it?

Look for a Fresh Vantage Point
Consider some ways to look at your business in a new, fresh way:

1. View from your prospects vantage point – your sign, your storefront, your yellow pages ad, your website, the voice on the phone, the first person that greets them – does anybody greet them?

2. View from your customers vantage point – how have you recognized them, thanked them, followed up with them, communicated about new products or service to them?

3. View from your vendors and suppliers vantage point – do you make it easy to do business with them, how accurate is your paperwork, how quickly do you pay your bills, how do you acknowledge/thank/communicate to them?

4. View from your competitors vantage point – how do you threaten them, how do you make their job easy, how often do you change and improve – always looking for the edge.

5. View from your employees vantage point – how enjoyable are you to work for, is your work environment uplifting/safe/comfortable, how often do you praise vs. reprimand, what’s in it for them?

So, I encourage you to accept a suggested homework assignment – take the above five vantage points – and freshly look at your business through the eyes of each of these groups of people. Then actually ask people in each of those groups what they see, feel, experience with you and your business. How similar is your view of their vantage point with their actual vantage point.

” We have the power to choose and to exercise that power without giving control of it to situations. We cannot change anything but our own perspective and response, yet in that changing we change the world around us by becoming an instrument of insight and awareness.” — Gail Pursell Elliott

Source: Article written and published on December 1, 2010 by Michael Stay, Founder and President of Core Impact


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