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25 Jul

There is tremendous value to be found in focusing on the topic of re-positioning. If you are not happy with the direction that your business and/or your life is headed then redesign it by re-positioning three key components – your expectations, your words, and your actions. To achieve a new result, requires you to do something different.

Will Smith has made Hollywood history, and his personal “magic formula” can accelerate your business growth, and income. One of his recent films, Hancock, brought in $107.3 million in box office receipts in the first week. This makes him the first actor to star in eight straight movies that brought in over $100 million.

Simply put, Will Smith is the industry’s most “bankable” man. How does he do it? A recent USA Today article reveals his secret: “I study patterns,” he says. “Nine out of the top 10 biggest movies of all times have special effects; eight out of 10 have creatures in them; seven out of 10 have a love story. So if you want a hit, you might want to throw those in the mix. I just study patterns and try to stand where lightning strikes.”


Dewitt Jones – a freelance photographer for National Geographic has a favorite credo “Position yourself in the place of highest potential.” Do you see a striking similarity with Will Smith’s strategy of studying where lightning strikes and simply move to that location in advance?

This sums up the essence of re-positioning. If your business and/or life are not running as you want, not providing the results you desire, not meeting your expectations, and/or falling short of your hopes and dreams – then you need to re-position yourself in some way. Simply doing the same things over and over, expecting a different result is madness – I think Albert Einstein was the one that said as much.

A critical skill in business is the ability to pause, find a vantage point that allows you to see 360 degrees – behind, ahead, and all around your current location/place. By temporarily stopping from working in your business, and taking some time to work on your business, important revelations can come forth. In fact, three keys to creating a new, better result include rest, reflection and revelation. This new, better result fits hand in glove with the concept of re-positioning.

Re-Position Your Expectations

The first of the applications of re-positioning is relative to your expectations. During your time of rest/reflection/revelation – ask yourself – what expectations do you have for your business and your life? Are they aggressive, growth oriented, positive, bold, huge, and even scary BIG?

What you expect – you tend to get. So if your results are not what you want, examine your expectations. Over time, it is easy to let the world wear you down and cause you to lower your expectations, let them turn sour and/or south (neither one is good!).

Change your expectations as a key first strategy to re-position your business and your life! Study the patterns in your industry – look for the lightning. Find the location of highest potential – then get about moving that way.

Become Word Conscious – Re-Position Your Words

The power to change your business and your life rests in your words. Simple statement – but big truth! A lot is being said about thinking. However, it’s your spoken words that get the desired results. Words are physical “containers” of your thoughts.

Do yourself a favor and accept this challenge: for one week be very attentive and conscious to the words flowing from your mouth. Especially notice the automatic responses you tend to use without even thinking. These are strong clues to what’s in your heart and mind! This is where journaling can be a handy tool.

Write down the expressions and words you use throughout the day – what do you say in high stress situations, what about in casual conversations, what about when thinking about your business? By writing it down and then reviewing it weekly you will be able to see a pattern emerging. Once you identify certain expressions, you can then acknowledge what your tendencies are and, therefore, can start to change your habits.

Consider the various business situations you encounter in your daily life. Determine those that are causing you stress or attracting unwanted results. Ask yourself – what words are you using to express that situation. Replace words that dis-empower with words that empower. “Should, must, and have to” become “could, want, and choose to.”

Pay attention to the intensity of the words you use. Are they appropriate to the situation? Notice the metaphors you use, they will reveal how you are choosing to approach your business.

Re-Position Your Actions

The power to change your business and your life rests in your the actions – the ones you take, and the ones you don’t. If you take SMARTER ACTIONS, you generate more POWERFUL RESULTS.

My all time favorite refrigerator magnet says, “If Nothing Changes, then Nothing Changes“. What a great summation about the importance and power of re-positioning your expectations, your words, and your actions. To get a different result in your business and your life requires change – commit to some business and personal re-positioning!

Source: Article written and published on Sunday July 25, 2010 by Michael Stay, Founder and President of Core Impact

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